Meet Our Doctors

Dr. David Tartaglia

General Dentist

Dr. David Tartaglia is the Founder of Generations Dental. The practice was opened in January 2017 and has been well supported by the good people of Boone County and surrounding areas. 


From the age of 15, Dr. Tartaglia has been actively engaged in the realm of healthcare. Fueled by his passion for the sciences and a profound aspiration to make a meaningful difference in people's lives, he has remained resolutely dedicated. His educational journey led him to attain both his undergraduate and Dental degrees from Creighton University, situated in Omaha, Nebraska. Complementing his academic achievements, he successfully completed a surgical internship at the esteemed University of Nebraska Medical Center.

A testament to his expertise, Dr. Tartaglia is officially certified by the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine. Presently, he holds surgical privileges and serves as a consultant for prominent healthcare institutions including Mercy Health Systems' Javon Bea Hospital, OSF St. Anthony Medical Center, and UW Health Swedish American Hospital.

Treatment Philosophy

We are a comprehensive dental practice where treatment options are tailored to meet the individual concerns of each patient with a goal of reaching and maintaining great oral health. Our comprehensive approach allows us to take into consideration both the functional and esthetic aspects of our patient’s teeth. Our philosophy provides the opportunity to look at the long-term dental picture and reach a plan that will keep a patient’s teeth healthy long into the future.

Rest & Relaxation

In addition to Dr. Tartaglia’s professional commitments, he stays active by golfing and working out. He has a passion for playing the guitar and attending concerts. He also enjoys traveling and spending downtime with his family.

Dr. Srey Hun

Dr. Sreynoch Hun is a dedicated dentist passionate about oral health education and providing individualized care to patients. She emphasizes open communication and thrives on creating a comfortable environment for all patients. Dr. Hun enjoys building relationships with each of her patients, addressing dental concerns with a gentle approach, and valuing patient feedback to enhance care delivery. Dr. Hun is committed to continuous learning by staying updated on evidence-based dental techniques and technologies. Her practice areas include cosmetic restorative dentistry, endodontics, simple extractions, prosthodontics, and implants. She has developed expertise in aesthetic dentistry and CAD/CAM technology.

She earned her Doctor of Dental Medicine degree from Midwestern University College of Dental Medicine and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Educational Sciences and a Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences from the University of California, Irvine. Dr. Hun also has significant experience in pediatric dentistry, focusing on communication and anxiety management, as well as educating children and parents on oral care. Dr. Hun's professional journey extends beyond her clinical work. She has held leadership positions, such as Vice President of Xsi Psi Phi, and has dedicated her time to volunteering for organizations like the Kids' Community Dental Clinic, Special Olympics Special Smile Chicago, Heal Elgin, and CDA Cares. Her contributions have been recognized with several honors and awards, including the Inside UCSF and APIASF scholarships.

Outside of her professional life, Dr. Hun enjoys hiking, exploring different cuisines, traveling, and cooking. Dr. Hun is proficient in Khmer. With her expertise, commitment to continuous education, and patient-centered approach, she is dedicated to positively impacting her patients' oral health and overall well-being.

Office Location

  • Poplar Grove
  • 13510 Julie Drive
  • Poplar Grove, Illinois
  • 61065
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  • Call: (815) 765-9900